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About Us

Shorewood Hypnosis offers a natural, well-researched, and powerful method for people to achieve weight loss, quit smoking,conquer pain, accelerate learning, manage stress & anxiety, or achieve their goals.

How Hypnosis Works

Transformation specialists using cutting-edge Brain Science Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques, Neuroplasticity, Hypnosis, Cranial Sacral therapy, Body work, and to Locate, Identify, Unblock, and Reprogram Limiting Beliefs that have been holding clients back, sometimes since they were children. We are not doctors, but can work with yours to help you overcome fears, phobias, sadness, worry, overwhelm, and guilt. With hypnosis, you can sleep better, have amazing confidence, improve athletic performance, and reduce or eliminate pain with hypnosis. We teach clients to become their own best advocate–to apply these incredible tools to all areas of your life.

Our Programs

Our method is refined by more than 25 years of experience and hundreds of clients we helped free from negative & destructive patterns, beliefs, and habits.

Your individual hypnosis training is crafted to work with your unique experience, personality, and learning style.

Lose Weight

Quit Smoking

Reduce Stress

Improve Performance

“Before coming to Shorewood Hypnosis, I was way overweight and I was frustrated with myself because I had tried for several months to lose weight. To date I have lost 88 pounds. I’ve gone down in size tremendously. I’m wearing a size 8 pant where I was wearing a size 22 pant before. My confidence is also back. I have confidence in myself and that is invaluable to me.”


“Today I’ve lost about 70 pounds. My waist is down about 10 inches. My doctor is completely thrilled. After I lost the weight at my last appointment, she had canceled the last of my weight-related medications.”


“I now am 7 pounds less than when I got married 32 years ago. Shorewood Hypnosis is a wonderful program and has literally given me back my life.”



Before any treatment program begins, Shorewood Hypnosis conducts a free screening. It takes less than an hour, and is fun and informative. Potential clients receive an in-depth and honest evaluation evaluation of their situation. If we believe that circumstances do not make you a good candidate for hypnosis treatment, we will tell you. There is no better way to learn about hypnosis and the role it may play in your quality of life! Receive your free screening today.

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Our Stay With You Guarantee

At Shorewood Hypnosis, we so strongly believe in the value of our programs that we offer a “Stay With You” Guarantee. Simply put, if you are making progress in your program, but fall short of your goal in the anticipated time frame, we will continue to work with you. Regardless of the number of sessions you need to achieve your desired results, we will “stay with you” until they are accomplished.

Professional Facilities

Shorewood Hypnosis offers state-of-the-art facilities to provide our clients with the best possible experience. Our offices provide ample space for individual sessions and custom program.

What to Expect from Shorewood Hypnosis

Clients First

Your well being is of utmost importance to Shorewood Hypnosis. Our goal is to ensure your objectives are met. We work with you for as long as necessary to make sure of that.

Smart Healthcare

We will collaborate with your doctors to ensure you are getting the very best care possible. By working closely with your medical doctors, we can ensure your progress is both healthy and beneficial to your total well-being.

Latest Research

We are committed to staying up-to-date on the latest research on neuro-linguistics, neuroplasticity, hypnosis, cranial-sacral therapy, and more to ensure you get the most beneficial experience

Secure Data

We go to great lengths to ensure that your information is safe and remains private. We will never share your information and have taken the necessary precautions that your information remains safe.

Video Testimonials

Hypnosis is great for losing weight, quitting smoking, and increasing confidence, EVEN IF YOU…

  • have struggled for years…
  • are stuck in a hectic, busy, “don’t-have-time-for-it” lifestyle…
  • feel like you’ve tried everything else under the sun…